Early game combos

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Early game combos

Post by JustHammer » Mon Nov 23, 2020 1:29 pm

Hi! I'm having some trouble finding combos that work well in the early game. I manage to win most fights, but with major injuries. Any weapon/armour/talent combos that work well vs certain enemies (I'm thinking about the first boss specifically)?


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Re: Early game combos

Post by Om » Wed Nov 25, 2020 11:06 am

Hi JustHammer,

The basic combos can be easily separated as attack/parry/dogde based:
  • Attack: Double Strike, Heavy Blow
  • Parry: Destabilizing Parry, Counterattack
  • Dodge: Side Attack, Off-balance Impact
Now, taking into consideration the first boss fighting style:
He uses a whip and attacks constantly + some of his "friends" can prevent you from dodging or attacking in certain directions
...is best if you focus on parry combos because you will be able to trigger them more often and safely. That works too for other opponents that are much better at parrying or dodging.

As a bonus tip for the first boss: wearing some armor can allow you to withstand more punishment!


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